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Benefits of Daycare for Dogs

You have probably wondered at least once if it is a good idea to drop off your pooch somewhere and let them run around for hours with strangers and other dogs.

In our opinion, doggy daycare is the best thing you can do for your dog when you can’t be with them. When pondering over this question, it is important to keep in mind that dogs are different from us. They live differently and have different needs altogether. Luckily for us, dogs can adapt and have figured out how to live comfortably in our world. However, this is only possible if we can take care of them.

In the wild, dogs are social creatures who live together in family groups. This is evident in wolves that often travel, hunt, and feed in packs. Domesticated dogs are similar, even when pulled into our world, they remain to be social creatures. Although they are happy to be around us humans, they also enjoy times with their canine buddies. 

To dogs, our weird rules about bathrooms, feeding times, etc. are strange and hard to live with. They will constantly need breaks to go back to their instincts and run free with other dogs. Experts say that dogs suppress their innate canine behavior to, live in our world and so it is nice for them to just be dogs and run around for a while. This interaction allows them to connect with other dogs and be their true selves. 

Benefits of Daycare for Dogs

There are four core reasons why daycare is important to you and beneficial for your dog. 

Learning Social Cues– If dogs do not get the proper experience interacting with other dogs then they will have a harder time reading them which can be bad when it comes to managing conflict. They need to learn the canine language for better adaptation and friendlier interactions in the future.

Exercise– Just as it is important to you, exercise is beneficial to your dog. Let’s face it, you do not have time to run with your dog and that is okay. At daycare, your dog will receive a schedule that allows them to walk, or run depending on the regimen. They will also play with other dogs which add on to the level of exercise they receive. 

Socialization– This is the most obvious benefit your dog will get from daycare. If your dog is not naturally exposed to other dogs, they become antisocial. They can become aggressive, and anxious towards other dogs. At daycare, they can pick up the language and will satisfy their craving for contact. 

You get to breathe– Having a dog is like having a child; it is a lot of work and you are constantly worried. Sending your dog to daycare not only ensures their safety but also gives you much-needed relief from the pressure of taking care of your dog. 

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