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Why your pup will love The Doggy Daycare Salon

As a pet owner, you usually have no choice but to leave your pet alone in the house so you can go to work.

It’s okay, we understand. You need money to pay for stuff and your workplace is not accommodating of your pets no matter how adorable they are. Unfortunately, most pets, especially dogs often get bored or anxious when left alone all day. Those with separation anxiety may cause destruction, bother neighbours by barking and howling, or may even harm themselves. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find your house a mess, and your dog hyperactive and stressed out.

So what can you do about it?

Doggy daycare may be the difference between a chewed couch and a happy pet who’s excited to see you after a day with a fun group. That is where we come in, we love to care for your dogs.

The Realistic Approach

Doggy daycare has only become popular in recent years. Before, it made sense that only children could be left at a facility to be taken care of until their guardians return. People left their pets unattended and would spend their hours worrying over what they would come back to. Some pet owners still do this. That is when doggy daycare stopped being a faint dream and turned into a healthy, and realistic option for anyone with a pet. 

Doggy daycare is a lot like daycare for children and babies. You get your dog ready as you prepare to go for work; you drop them off at the facility on the way to work. While you work hard and take care of business, your dog will be getting plenty of attention. Their day will be filled with activities to stimulate and entertain.

Daycare also means that your dog will enjoy their day playing with other dogs, people, or simply taking a nap on a soft bed under warm rays of sunshine. Your dog will get plenty of exposure both indoors and outside, including frequent bathroom breaks. Rest assured that they will get lots of love and attention; and will have a great time. 

Our doggy dare care skills are excellent and unique. We have a team of experts who are specially trained to understand and care for dogs, depending on their needs. Our goal is to ensure that your dog, is comfortable, happy, and relaxed while waiting for you to come to pick them up.

Contact Us 

If you are looking for a reliable team that will care and watch over your dog as you would, then look no further than us, the canine experts. We understand just how much you treasure your dog, and we will do our best to make sure they are happy and relaxed. We have the best dog care services in Australia including Greenslopes, Brisbane Southside, and Southside. You can contact us through our website today to learn about our hours and friendly prices.

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